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The Rosy Jane

England is not only about porridge for breakfast and 5'oclock tea and that is what we’ve showed to Yekaterinburg by opening our bar in 2004. It is a country of delicious drinks, hearty food, Victorian pubs and 24-hour fun.

We started off with whisky. A grand collection of single malt Scottish whisky that wasn’t available anywhere in town. Admirers of good Irish stouts, porters, ales and lagers began to frequent our bar more than twice a week bringing their friends, smiling girlfriends and foreign acquaintances. We don’t deprive anyone of having a good time! Songs in every language, lively dancing are still performed in the historical city center, meanwhile office clerks have early lunches when others just start to have late breakfasts — a logical (and pleasant) ending to the previous night.

For admirers of history

Ekaterinburg has been linked to England and its special pub culture for a long time. At the end of the 19th century beer admirers highly valued the English Imperial Extra Double Stout produced right here on brothers Zlokazovy’s factory. When Sverdlovsk, a city restricted for foreigners, once again was renamed to Ekaterinburg in the late 90s, it was the first to open a trade agency and consul of the United Kingdom. The English brought back the foamy stout and opened the first pubs, which became very popular in Ekaterinburg in 2000s. Rosy Jane is located in the neighbouring district next to the consul, Plotinka and the monument to the founding fathers of the city and always welcomes musicians, business men, politicians and guests of the city.


The English sought refuge from the strong winds of the British archipelago not by fireplaces or under a shepherd’s plaid but in the hearty food that began to be admired so much by the people of Ural. The big beer appetizers, thick soups, a special Rosy-On-The-Rock meat collection including veal, lamb and duck cooked on burning coal with original sauces.

However, vegetarians and those on a diet can also admire the menu including vegetable salads and non-fat steam cooked fish. In addition to a big selection of whisky, the bar menu offers a big variety of beer from England, Germany, Ireland, Czech Republic, Belgium and Russia and also a fine selection of wine including great examples of Russian produce.


Head chef

Andrey Zherebtsov became a chef long before Rosy Jane opened. He started his career at Malakhit — one of the biggest restaurant companies of the 90s. Thanks to Andrey, Rancho became one of the best steak places in the city. Now Andrey has the full attention from guests of Rosy Jane. This wasn’t achieved as simply as it sounds, because our head chef not only has to know the meat well, know how to dry cure, salt, fry and bake the meat, but he also has to love to eat well and have the right appetizers. Besides, Andrey can also hunt bears.



Improvised Friday and Saturday events started happening at Rosy Jane from the start. Warm celebrations, lambada competitions and champagne showers accomponied by classic rock’n’roll and Leningrad all happened here.

The bygone years proved one thing — that dancing in a shower of champagne is still fun and Leningrad is still relevant. So, see you this Friday?

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